Friday, April 08, 2005

The Demise of Mandrake (Mandriva)

According to Distrowatch, Mandrakelinux changed its name to Mandriva, reflecting its acquisition of Connectiva. For me, it seems the news is not much of a big deal, due to what I perceive as its “demise”. As it is known, Ubuntu, a relative upstart Linux distribution with South African roots, have over taken Mandriva in the HPD (Hits Per Day) chart of Distrowatch. Even if the HPD chart ranking is described as “non-scientific”, it is a pretty good indication of the popularity of a Linux distribution. What have brought this to Mandrake? Ubuntu's great community aspect is one. Ubuntu has a great community backing and wiki. Another is that the fact Ubuntu does not have a “crippled” version, unlike the Download Edition of Mandrakelinux. Another thing is that Mandrake/Mandriva is bloated. And the most obvious reason: Commercialization. Subscription for support and latest releases (and other things) is an absurd thing. Donating to a Linux distribution is a better proposition. Linux is not just a product, not just an operating system. Linux is an experience. Much better than that, Linux is a brotherhood of people believing in one goal: stable and free computing for all, especially, for people who are willing to learn, who have an open mind. Sure, Mandrake, Mandriva, or whatever it is, change the name all they want, it doesn't really matter, for it seems, blood has been spilled.