Monday, October 24, 2005

Tompkins County's ITS is Stupid!

I was browsing Distrowatch when i saw this. My goodness, how stupid can you get...

"Follow the County ITS standards and guidelines regarding Internet usage to prevent your computer from becoming infected with viruses and malicious software. Here are three things to keep in mind: Use County supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer... Do not download, or immediately remove FireFox/mozilla browser... Do not use Netscape as your primary browser... All other browsers must also be removed from your computer..."

How came using Internet Explorer (Exploder :)) ) prevent viruses and malware?! Do they have a screw loose?! IE is the primary target of spyware and adware, because it uses ActiveX, unlike Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Opera. Also , the updates are much frequent unlike the dreaded IE. And as addition, Windows (Winsuck :)) ) is a basketcase for viruses, better use an open-source OS.

I think the people of this ITS need some brain surgery or something... This is not a work of IT experts but IT fools!!!

UPDATE: It seems the page has already been removed, yipee!!!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2005 2.0 Now Stable!!!

Yeah! The latest version of the popular open-source office suite is now available :D So, get it while it's hot! :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Belated Happy B-Day to :)

Better late than never, as they say :D is now 5 years. I wish many more people will discover and use this one-of-a-kind office suite. I have been using Openoffice for more than 3 years now. Can't wait for Release 2 to be stable :D