Friday, December 30, 2005

Massachusetts OpenDocument War: The Plot Thickens

I have been following the OpenDoc decision of Massachusetts on The story gets interesting on the fight on open standards for electronic documents. Micro$oft announced they opened up Open XML (Micro$oft'$ answer to OpenDocument) and submitted the specs to ECMA, a standards body in Europe. Massachusetts said it can support multiple open formats (it other words, it can support Open XML). The story get more interesting when the Massachusetts Chief Information Officer Peter Quinn quits due to his disgust of the politics surrounding the State's decision with OpenDocument.

I hope Massachusetts will not support Open XML. I did some digging around and found out that Open XML is not really open. Open XML is not GPL-complaint. GPL (the GNU Public License) is the most prevalent Open Source License around. One can't get more open than GPL. Also, Micro$oft could have just supported OpenDocument, but they didn't. It seems Micro$oft always wants to be the head honcho, the one in control. The OpenDocument format is vendor-neutral, meaning not one vendor has control over it, something not palatable to Micro$oft. Open XML may then be like wolf in sheep's clothing. It is disguising itself to be an open format but really it is not.

I can understand Peter Quinn for his decision. Politics is a dirty game. What Massachusetts (or the world, in particular) needs are officials who are technically inclined and freedom-loving, not technologically-ignorant and self-serving (to hell with them).

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Break Stuff

It's good to be back from almost 2 months of silence. Many has happened...

  • Upgraded My Slackware 10.2 to Kernel
  • Upgraded to KDE 3.5 (Unofficial build from
  • Replaced my old CyberDrive CW078D(?) to Benq Combo Drive (I still can't afford a DVD writer :( )
  • Got an optical mouse
  • Got a Copy of FreeBSD 6.0 (I don't know if i'll ever install it, I love Slackware too much :D )
  • Love Life, zero (who needs girls, I got Slackware :)) ).
  • I got the newest album of Urban Dub, Embrace (These guys rock! Good price too, only P 250)

Also, congrats to Pat Volkerding, our "Benevolent Dictator", for having a bouncing baby girl :) I'll posting a bit more since it going to be Christmas break for me. Later :)